Welcome to the digital home of HIST 395-01 Intro to Public History 2017 taught by Dr. Katie Clary. This website serves a centralized collection of student works. Featured on this website will be images from the class, as well as student-written blog posts. Join in on the discussion and open your mind to what Public History has to offer. But first, allow us to explain the definition of Public History, the way we define Public History as “the historical method outside of academia: in government, private corporations, the media, historical societies, and museums, even in private practice.”. Got it? Good…please enjoy the rest of the website.


Our course deals with discussions and readings that surround public history and all that it entails, this may include defining public history, understanding different legislation that has been passed to promote the preservation of different historic landmarks in addition to visiting museums and national parks and hosting guest lectures across the state of South Carolina to inform students of certain opportunities that are available if one would like to venture further into professions that surround public history. Public history can be viewed anywhere outside of academia such as museums, national parks, and monuments. Our class also consists of wide variety of individuals, who were put into this class to express their views on history and to gain a better understanding of what public history is.


Prof. ClaryKatie Stringer Clary, Ph.D., currently teaches history and public history at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C. Since 2007, Clary has worked with museums in various capacities from docent to executive director. In her time at museums and as a graduate student in Public History she focused on museum education and inclusion, especially for people with special needs. This research culminated in her 2014 manuscript, Programming for People with Special Needs: A Guide for Museums and Historic Sites. She followed this with a chapter “Accessibility in Museum Learning” in Museum Learning, 2nd Ed. edited by Barry Lord and Brad King in 2015. Through her work, she continues to advocate for accessibility equality in museums and historic sites. Clary is also interested in the history of museums, museum administration, digital histories, and community engagement. In her spare time, she likes to camp and hike, travel, and spend time with her dog Harry Clary and cat Miss Frances.

Course Members

Below are the members of the HIST 395 Public History Course…

Alexander Larson

Alyssa Stimpson

Broderick Daniel

Bryan Maldonado

Christopher Colon

Daniel Cochran

Dylan Livingston

J. Brinkenton 

Javon Blain

Jessica Buckley

Kenneth Wilson

Lontay Greene 

Morgan Condrey

Morissa Robinson

Nathaniel Pearson

Timothy Greving

Victoria Peck