NC Sports Hall of Fame

By Dylan Livingston

Founded in 1962, the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, placed in the North Carolina Museum of History, has impressed and entertained North Carolina residents and travelers alike. The NC Hall of Fame is chalk full of amazing athletes and coaches detailing what they did for their school, their team and most importantly, their state. I traveled there for the first time with my 4th grade elementary school class to cap off a really fun quarter where we detailed North Carolina history while also talking about its heroes in the sports world. Some of North Carolina’s most famous athletes include: Michael Jordan (considered professional basketball’s best player ever), Mia Hamm (one of United State soccer’s most decorated olympians), and Richard Petty who won 200 competitive races in the sport of NASCAR.

This section of the NC Museum of History boasts many trophies and outlines some of the most famous nation-wide places that countless professional events have taken place in. Some of these places include the Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, NC (golf) and the Charlotte Motor Speedway (NASCAR).

Although I have not been back to the NC Sports Hall of Fame in about five years, I can remember how nicely presented all of the material was compared to another hall of fame I have been to. This summer I went to Hockeytown Cafe in Detroit, Michigan which also has a hall of fame, specific to hockey, that was not portrayed in such a glowing manner compared to the NC hall of fame. The Hockeytown Cafe lacked good exhibit labels and didn’t do the players on view very much justice. In comparison, the NC hall of fame does a great job incorporating “flow” by giving its sports fanatics an easily navigable set of exhibit rooms with informative videos, sprawling exhibit labels and portable audio devices which assist in leading them throughout the exhibition.

Each year, several new members are inducted in the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame through a small ceremony. Newly inducted members come from many different sports including: bowling, football, tennis, track and field, hangliding and horse racing, to name a few. A personal favorite, Duke Basketball’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski (the winningest college basketball coach of all time) has his own shrine within the hall of fame. A national championship winner with Duke in five different seasons, “Coach K” will forever go down as one of the state’s most famous and successful coaches.

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