Morgan Condrey – Powdersville

For my final in public history, I wanted to do something that pertained to my hometown of Powdersville, South Carolina. I wanted to do something about my hometown for a variety of reasons, one being that it is not widely known about. When I tell people where I am from I always say Greenville, South Carolina, instead of the small town I was born and raised in. I would very much like to change that. Not in the sense that I would like it to grow and become large, but that I would like to educate people on the small town that I so happily grew up in. It may not have a very crazy history but it has its relevance and stories. In the end I figured that a simple but informative way to accomplish this goal was to create a brochure to present to the class on presentation day.

Public history final morgan 2.jpgPublic history final morgan.jpg